What Events In Isra's Diary Changed Your View Of Deya And Afeera

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1. What is your first impression of Isra? Can you relate to her situation? I like Isra. My first impression of her is that she was a sweet girl. I felt bad for her, being strong armed into a marriage and made to leave her home, family, and life. However, I can’t really relate to her situation of being shoved into an entirely different country with no one else. 2. How have the events in Isra's diary changed your view of Deya and Afeera (in Part One)? Yes, they have. I now see Afeera as more of an antagonist, though I do seem some of her redeeming qualities. In Part One, I felt bad that Deya felt alone, couldn’t go to college, and felt stuck, controlled, and unfulfilled. Now I feel even worse for her. She was born to an unwilling and unprepared
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