What Evidence Is There to Suggest That Work Experience Is Beneficial to Your Future Career?

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What evidence is there to suggest that work experience is beneficial to your future career?

This essay is focused on the study of advantages on future career brought by work experience among graduates.With the growing popularity of so called 'sandwich' courses among universities in UK and Australia, many students would like to spend several months or even one more year for the chance of working in the industry before graduation from universities. A 'sandwich' course is usually organized by institutions as a university degree course which allows students to engage in the industrial placements for six to twelve months(Highfliers Research Ltd, 2012). Other than this kind of long-term work experience, placements during the
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It was estimated that nearly 40% of the graduate vacancies from the companies in the survey would be filled by graduates with work experience in the company as undergraduates, the proportion is particularly high in investment banking and law firms(Highfliers Research Ltd,2012). Base on the work experience placements places available in 2011 and 2012, the numbers of places available in consumer goods, banking and finance sectors have a remarkable increase of 20.4% and 23.5% respectively(Highfliers Research Ltd,2012). Therefore it is reasonable to estimate that the proportion of graduate job vacancies filled by applicants with replacement experience in the organization will increase to more than 40% in a few years. Moreover, employers featured in the survey claimed that academic results of a graduate is not an effective indicator of his or her competencies in the job when compared to work experience performance(Highfliers Research Ltd,2012). Another report also revealed that neither GPA nor major of study was related to the salary level of graduates at the entry-level of employment, but only work experience resulted in obvious disparity in salary level(Gault et al,2000).

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