What Exactly Is a Solar Cooker?

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Introduction A solar cooker is a device that uses the sun’s energy to make cooking possible, in other words, solar powered cookers depend entirely on the sun’s energy for its performance. The sun generates this energy in a process called nuclear fusion. Today solar powered cookers are used all around the world where sunlight is sufficient for the performance. Solar cookers are used as a basic tool for cooking or heating food especially in areas that lack electricity. Due to this naturally and least harmful method of cooking the environment is not in danger. This cuts down the use of electricity which leads to the decrease of coal consumption. HISTORY OF SOLAR COOKER According to the research, the originator of a solar cooker was Horase de Saussure, a French-Swiss scientist. Saussure built solar boxes in 1767 to cook fruits. (http://www.ehow.com/facts_5261710_history-solar-cooker.html). His solar box cooker reached temperatures of 190 degrees Farades when he cooked fruits. Saussure is believed to be the grandfather of solar cooking. From his findings or inventions of solar cookers, the idea of box solar cooker got broadcasted all around the world. Places where there was enough sunshine, solar cookers were preferably used. “In 1894, there was a restaurant in China that served solar cooked food.” (J. Radabaugh, Heaven’s Flames) The United Nations and other funding agencies came up with many studies to plan solar cookers that could by all chances alleviate the need of plant

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