What Example Of Fracture

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Example of fractures- On the 24th of September 2015 it was Manchester United VS PSV Eindhoven Champions League match. Manchester United defender Luke Shaw was injured on the first 10 minute of the match by a dangerous tackle by his opponent Hector Moreno. Luke Shaw suffered a double leg break when tackled by Hector Moreno as he was forced off on a stretcher and after the match he revealed that he will be out of action for 10 months. The Manchester United defender was allowed to be able to play on the 15th of July 2016 in a pre-season tournament for his club against Wigan Athletic.An example of a specific to injury would be NBA’s Golden State Warriors MVP Stephen Curry VS Houston Rockets Curry suffered an sprain to his MCL to his right…show more content…
Brain damage and seizures
On April 14th 2015 former WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) superstar Daniel Bryan got badly injured. Later on he wasn’t physical fit to participate in wrestling. When checking with a WWE official doctor he discovered that Daniel Bryan has suffered from seizures from many concussions while wrestling as this was having an huge impact towards himself as he had brain damage. After finding out about his injuries he was forced to give up his WWE Intercontinental Championship as he wasn’t cleared by the WWE due to the dangerous injuries that occurred to him he had to fully retire from wrestling on the 8th of February 2016 at a young age of 34 years old.
After being forced to retire from wrestling Daniel Bryan felt depressed as he had nothing to do with his career as his passion was for wrestling. He felt depressed because his wife was participating in wrestling and he couldn’t. Now the WWE offered a job to Daniel Bryan as a general manger of a brand that the company owns called Smackdown. WWE had to force Daniel Bryan to retire because this event has happened before to the company leading to a former WWE World Champion Chris Benoit had the same condition
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