What Examples Suggest That The Status Of Indian Women

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1) What examples suggest that the status of women in India declined after the Vedic Age? The exclusion of women performing Hindu rituals, the falling age of Indian women being married, and in the increase of Brahman control in Hinduism are all examples that suggest the status change of women in India. During the Vedic period, women were no longer allowed to participate in spiritual rituals. They weren’t not allowed to contribute to rituals because the Brahmans made property ownership a necessity of ritual completion, and women weren’t not allowed to own property at that time. Women also started marrying at a younger age during the Vedic period. They started getting married around pre-puberty; before finishing education. Since they were married minors, they couldn’t perform rituals and their legal rights as wives were not existent. Lastly, Hinduism increased the power Brahmans and women could not be Brahmans. Women started…show more content…
Women citizens possessed large estates and they had political power through networks of politicians’ wives. Some even made firsthand political decisions during the civils wars. Women citizens took advantage of the turmoil in the empire to even acquire businesses. Women citizens also started avoiding their family responsibilities and focusing on a party lifestyle. Non-Roman women were enslaved when Rome conquered countries. They became work slaves to elite Romans and other women became sex slaves. Most women were brutalized after being conquered by Roman armies and then immediately thrown into slavery. During the 3rd century, Roman women exceled and received glory, while non-Roman women were brutalized and enslaved. At the reign of emperor Augustus, he reduced women’s freedoms and they were criticized for their past life. Women become more suppressed by males and women lost almost all power they had
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