What Extent Could Starbucks Depend On The Quality Of The Research?

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Question 1:
1.1) Starbucks realized that research design has an influence on the quality of the research, its validity and reliability and to what extent could Starbucks depend on that research. The 2 levels of design applied by Starbucks were as following:
First level: Identifying the goals is the most important step and for Starbucks case , the research will be about the satisfaction of his customer and to know if they are still the choice number one in the light of the increasingly number of competitors , so it must define the information that it need to complete such research. Second level: It about determining the type of data that has to be collected, and how will be the formulation of any qualitative research or questioner
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Therefore, it has a high level of flexibility.

• It could manage complexities about the research subject and found new variables and factors that may affect the research and create the required data.

• It shows all detailed picture that may explain why people act in certain ways and the relationship between the factors that affect them. As this case of Starbucks, it could define why the coffee drinker likes a certain coffee shop or like to drink a specific type of coffee.
• Data generally are gathered from a small sample size as it takes much time so discoveries can't be generalized to a big populace.

• The abilities of the researcher are the main factors that affect the end results as his communication skills and his ability to take words from the others.

• It can be more troublesome and time intensive to describe in a visual manner as it takes too much time for gathering them and need staff and high cost of research's financial

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