What Fabric Does The Best Job On Inhibit The Growth Of Bacteria, And Thus Microbiology

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INTRODUCTION In trying to determine what fabric does the best job in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, knowledge of bacteria, and thus microbiology is required in order to not only complete the experiment, but to actually understand why this may be important in a person 's everyday life. It may not seem to be, and it isn 't, the most monumental piece of research that could be conducted, but it is useful piece of information nonetheless. Diseases, while not as easily spread as they once were considering how cleanliness is continuously, and quite possibly, annoyingly, but not unjustly, stressed in society, it is still being transmitted pretty frequently. And by the simplest of means as well. While people may place their shirts and pants in the laundry to be washed after every wear, their sheets, coats, and jackets may not be washed that often. In knowing how well these fabrics and clothing can cultivate bacteria, harmful or otherwise, it could stress the importance of throwing those items in the washer a bit more. MICROBIOLOGY Microbiology is a huge subject that encompasses a wide variety of subtopics dealing with the microscopic organisms, such as viruses, prions, and bacteria, that can cause diseases or live in our body to actually aid us. Microbiology deals with studying these microbes and determining how their interactions with other living things, such as the environment, humans, animals, and plants, affect them. Through these studies, our understanding of life is
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