What Factor Has The Biggest Impact On It Projects? Essay

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1. What factor have the biggest impact on IT projects?
There is not only one factor impacting IT projects. Multiple factors are present such IT changing, creating shortage of IT skill sets, complexity, every new IT project implies more difficulty, size of the projects, among others. Project managers should be aware and encouraged to work based on three fundamental concepts in order to deal with these impacts on IT projects; cost, time and scope.
10. What are the key characteristics that describe a project?
In every single IT project has three fundamental characteristics, first, it’s unique, meaning that doesn’t exist another IT project with the same requirements, time or costs. Every IT project is unique, as every single human being is unique. Second, it’s temporary. IT projects are endeavors with a beginning and an end. Projects without end simply are not projects. Finally, a project should be progressively elaborated meaning that development occurs in phases or steps adding features and definition.
12. What is a “death march” project?
When IT projects begins but never end for some reason, are denominate death march projects. There are several reasons that may explain why these projects never ends, for instance, continuous change in the project scope, management failure closing the project, external pressures to the project, among others.
14. What is the triple constrain of project management?
There a thee fundamental variables in IT project management called the triple

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