What Factors Contribute to Alcoholism?

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A variety of alcoholism cases develop from factors that cause an individual to develop alcoholism. These two factors are genetic factors as well as environmental and risk factors. About 50 percent cases of alcoholism are related to genetic factors and the remaining 40 percent is related to risk and environmental factors. In the article Mary - Anne Enoch acknowledges that “there are gene to gene as well as gene and environmental interactions underlying a disorder such as alcoholism.” (Enoch, 2006). Therefore, these factors play an important role in alcoholism development. These factors will be clarified in the next couple of sentences. Genetic Factors:
A major factor for alcoholism development is genetic factors such as variations of specific genes. There is not a specific kind of genes that causes the individual to get alcoholism, but it is said that there are variants of genes that have an effect on alcoholism. The impact of the variation of genes depends on an individual’s background, such as other genetic variations that the individual carries. The strategies that identify the genes that play a role in alcoholism will be explained in the next paragraph.

Scientists have performed studies so they can find out what gene has a huge impact on alcoholism. The studies that were formed are case controls, population and family studies. For example, scientists have done these studies by collecting samples of people who have alcoholism. Therefore population
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