What Factors Influence Customer Retention Towards Apple Iphone? Essay

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What factors influence customer retention towards the Apple iPhone?

Fall2016 Public Administration 603
Final Project Report (PA603)
California State University: San Bernardino

1. Abstract 1
2. Introduction 2
3. Literature Review & Research Hypotheses 3
3.1 Brand Loyalty 3
3.2 Customer Satisfaction 4
3.3 Research Questions and Hypotheses 5
3.4 Research Limitation 5
4. Methodologies 6
Supervisors & Colleagues 6
5. Data Analysis 7
6. Discussion 8
7. Conclusion 9
References 10
Appendices 11

1. Abstract
This study identifies and measures of the factors affecting satisfaction level of Apple iPhone users. A total of 50 students of California State University: San Bernardino(CSUSB) are surveyed by applying random sampling procedures. The objective of this research is to analyze the level of customer satisfaction and the level of customer loyalty which is effected by customer satisfaction. This research will look into factors such as brand name, customer service, price and value, and iPhone quality where each factors has its respective advantages or disadvantages to affect the customer 's level of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The study finds that the ______ are significant and have an impact on customer satisfaction level toward using Apple iPhone whereas _____ has most influence on creating satisfaction for iPhone users, followed by _____. In addition, another finding indicates that there exists a significant positive correlation between the
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