What Factors Influence Students Use of Gym Facilities in Glasgow?

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What factors influence students use of gym facilities in Glasgow?


Aerobic exercise has turned from an urban fad to the center of medical orthodoxy in the last 20 years. The market for fitness has increased from £682m in 1996, £1.6bn in 2001 and is stable at £2.5bn now. There are a huge number of people, around 5.2 million, who have a membership of a private gym in the UK (Zoe 2011). After almost ten years of expansion, gyms and fitness centers has increased to a peak. Not only is this due to increased health-consciousness and concerns about appearance, but it is also driven by rising income levels. In 2012, gyms and fitness clubs in the United Kingdom
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However, a limitation of this study is the measure of physical activity, if a wider range of activities had been included, the results might have been different.
Prichard. I, Tiggemann. M (2008). Relations among exercise type, self-objectification, and body image in fitness center environment: The role of reasons for exercise. ELSEEVIER, 9, 855-866

The article aimed to discuss different types of exercise and how people’s motivation and body image is influenced by the environment in the gym. The study was from 571 female gym members and ranged from 18 to 71 years. First, the studies focus on the relationships between different types of exercise within the gym and body esteem. Second, it studied in the factors influencing whether women go to the gym.

The result of this article gives a key analysis of the main factor influencing women’s attitudes toward gym usage. The result shows women’s motivation for doing exercise is to achieve their goal to make their body image look better. This article provides important research about women’s attitude towards exercise. Although it analyzed the different ages of women and their attitude, it still does not cover the difference between genders. However, there is no research about men’s attitude toward gym usage. Berchtold. N. C, Castello. N and Cotman. C. W

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