What Factors Influence the Individual Person and Businesses to Donate to Charities?

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5.2 Why and how people give?
Overall donations to charities is dominated by Inner Directed people. Inner Direct people are the most likely out of the three to give to a cause as they are the tester and innovators and are always question what is right and what is wrong.
In these following graphs the axis is the average from the population that was asked during the survey. So the first graph shows that 11% agrees with the statement ‘they are regular givers and give to one or more charities’ it shows that Inner Directed people are 30 times more likely than the average person to donate. So here Inner Directed people are over-indexed by 30% which means they are 30 % more likely to give to more than one charity than the average person.
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As the advert shows both poverty close to home and poverty in other parts of the world they are attracting the attention of both types of people meaning a larger proportion of the population will donate to the charity.

5.3 What type of charities do people give to?

Each of the three sections responds to very different charities. Sustenance-Driven are attracted to institutions such as the Army/ military and hospitals, this is linked to the fact that sustenance-driven people have a strong interest in the safety and security of their communities and nation. They are more interested in what is happening in the UK rather than international and overseas work.
Outer-Directed people are interested in people as they are empathetic to people who are struggling, as shown in the graph below by the interest in charities that support people with disabilities as well as children and adults improving themselves. Again this group does not focus on international, or overseas work are not as popular with Outer-Directed people. They are also not as focused on environmental matters.
Inner-Directed people give to totally different causes to the other two, Inner-Directed people are focused on the world as a whole. Meaning they support international charities, as they are interested in preserving the culture and heritage of other people, for the future.

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