What Factors Influenced The Care Models? How Can Care Providers Create A More Safe And Patient Friendly Environment

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My journey began with the death of a loved one-my grandmother. At the tender age of 15, I held her hand as she breathed her last. That one memory has influenced all that I have endeavored for.
While my decision to purse a medical career was the direct outcome of witnessing my grandmother’s loss, I had yet bigger decisions to make. Throughout my medical training I was becoming more and more fascinated by the role of a physician as an administrator. He not only cared for his patients medically, but also looked after the business of medicine. But I had questions- and the more I searched for answers the more questions I had. Why is the system run the way it is? How can care providers create a more safe and patient friendly environment? What factors influenced the care models?
As soon as I found an opportunity to divulge myself, I realized the scope of my undertaking was ginormous. I could not wholly understand each and every aspect of the healthcare system without mentorship and guidance. I also realized that similar to medical school, I would need to first educate myself in the art of business, and to appreciate the healthcare system with fresh eyes.
My decision regarding where to pursue a Master’s degree was influenced by family requirements. I had to transfer from one program to another in the midst of my MBA. Hind sight shows how changing programs during the course of my MBA was an advantage-I was exposed to a greater variety of subjects than I would have been otherwise. I…
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