What Factors Make Certain Types Of Ammo More Accurate And Long Range Than Other Types

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What factors make certain types of ammo more accurate and long range than other types of ammo?

Abiud Garcia
IB Candidate: 000853-0012 Introduction My personal interest in this subject comes from my career aspiration. As I intend to pursue a military career, the study of firearms, missiles, and ballistics in general have always been of interest to me. I wanted to find out the physical reasons different ammo types are more accurate at longer ranges. Ballistics and ballistic sciences are the studies of fired projectiles, most commonly bullets, and the behavior of these projectiles after being fired. These behaviors include the flight, speed, accuracy, trajectory, and a range of other actions the projectile may take in flight after being fired. Ballistics is a broad science that not only includes projectiles such as bullets, as it also includes missiles, arrows, bombs, and a range of other projectiles. Essentially, any projectile that is intentionally launched with significant power can be analyzed through ballistic science. However, bullets from small arms, in specific rifles, will be used in this paper in order to better analyze which factors make small arms ammo more or less accurate, and travel longer distances. The ammo types chosen here are the most prevalent and used, both in military and civilian settings, and because some of these rounds are already known to be accurate at long ranges. Because they are so widespread and/or well known, yet all have…
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