What Factors Make Certain Types Of Ammo More Accurate And Long Range Than Other Types

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Math IA What factors make certain types of ammo more accurate and long range than other types of ammo? Abiud Garcia IB Candidate: 000853-0012 Introduction My personal interest in this subject comes from my career aspiration. As I intend to pursue a military career, the study of firearms, missiles, and ballistics in general have always been of interest to me. I wanted to find out the physical reasons different ammo types are more accurate at longer ranges. Ballistics and ballistic sciences are the studies of fired projectiles, most commonly bullets, and the behavior of these projectiles after being fired. These behaviors include the flight, speed, accuracy, trajectory, and a range of other actions the projectile may take in…show more content…
For example, by designating rounds as to whether the belong to rifles or sniper rifles, a comparison of their stats would provide insight as to what made the sniper rifle rounds, the rounds that are definitively more accurate over a distance, more accurate than their normal counterparts. In addition, aside from these traits, ballistic coefficient is another important factor that must be considered to determine why each round has a different range and accuracy. Ballistic coefficient can be described as the measure of bullets effectiveness at retaining its velocity while in the air. This measure is included because it helps in analyzing how each round performs in relation to its weight, size, and velocity. The ballistic coefficients of the above rounds are listed so that comparisons can be carried out and any significant influences determined. The values are derived using a ballistic chart that incorporates bullet weight and diameter into calculations. Table 2 It must be noted that ballistic coefficient values are not definitive and are subject to change according to environmental factors. These values are taken under ideal circumstances where the atmospheric conditions are calm and the bullet is in flawless condition when fired from a standard rifle of its type. Finally, it was necessary to list the effective range of each round. This way, comparison between each round and analysis of each trait and differences between

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