What Factors Would a Therapist Take Into Account When Planning Treatment for a Psychologically Abused Client

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“what factors would a therapist take into account when planning treatment for a psychologically abused client” Introduction: I feel that dealing with clients who are the survivors or current victims of abuse is the most intricate and sensitive subject I have studied. Emotional and physical abuse of children and adults can take place at any age, in any country or culture and at any level of society. Forms of abuse are massively varied and can be motivated by many factors including sexual gratification, control, fear or even love. In addressing this issue I will try to give a definition of what I understand or perceive psychological abuse to be and then highlight as many ideas and ethical considerations as my word count will allow.…show more content…
I feel this has a particularly relevant impact on social attitudes towards abuse in some cases. For example; Draucker and Martsolf (1992) outline how sexual abuse has had 3 significant “discoveries”. Freud suggested at one time that hysteria in women may have been caused by early sexual experiences, however he never gave credit to ideas that involved fathers or step fathers being the perpetrators of abuse. He also adapted his stance and instead stated that incestuous fantasies played a significant role in mental disturbance The Kinsey study was carried out in the 40s with the intention of exposing the presence of sexual abuse but was criticised by many as it failed to account for sexual abuse committed against males and also did not make clear definitions between serious acts of abuse and harmless acts. Herman (1981 cited 1992) states that full acceptance of sexual abuse did not come until it’s 3rd “discovery” in the 70s. Herman largely credits the feminist movement for this as a time when attitudes towards many other taboos (or forms of abuse that were not fully recognised) began to shift, such as domestic violence and spouse rape. Although this point is mainly centred on sexual abuse against children I do feel that it is relevant in any case involving abuse. Although the 70s seems like a long time ago I believe it is still recent enough for many attitudes

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