What Field Should I Study

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What field should I study? What major do I love? What do I want to be? and so on. These are famous questions of many students before they continue their studying in a college or a university. Some of them are still thinking and cannot figure out what should they do. It is not easy to make a decision while you are still young. Thus, lot of professors have created methods that students can use to do their own assessment regarding to their interests and careers appeal to their mind, such as career assessment, SWOT analysis in the career plan, self-assessment, etc. However, such processes may work only with some students due to the fact that, there are many factors influence their decision-making. Consequently, many students try to compare and contrast by questioning themselves, namely should I study what I am passionate about? should I study based on what market need? or should I study what my parents want? Regarding to above, if we compare each questions, many people might think they are all create a result that affects our life in different ways. Indeed, if we compare deeply, one thing that these three questions are clearly the same is, they are good ideas to start, analyze, and guid our thought before we make a decision. They help us to picture about our life, how we want our life to be. Once we see it, we will be more focus and concentrate on our future. Therefore, it is easy for us to design, manage, and organize our own life. Moreover, it helps us to save both money and
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