What Fields Are Required To Place An Order Process

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Order Process: The expected customer experience and process for ordering will fit the brand expectations.

As stated in the original online shopping proposal, the online order system is meant to increase sales and streamline group orders for USNB. Attention to detail will help ensure that this new system is a value added benefit to the loft. This will minimize any cost increases in production.

The look and feel of the online shopping pages will be built with the Ullman Sails brand style guide. Keeping the customer experience in mind during the test phase will be key. Edits and changes to the initial set up will be made with input from both the team at USNB and USI.

What fields are required to place an order?

In addition to the
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If a trend in clarification need be noticed, the online order form should be updated.

One of the largest considerations is “cart abandonment”. According to Omnistar, a software provider, “Shopping-cart abandonment has become an extremely popular subject for eCommerce experts. What exactly determines prospects to go through with a purchase, and why are there so many who leave your website? These are questions that you must absolutely find an answer to if you want your eCommerce website to become successful. According to, the average abandonment rate on online shops is over 65%. This means that 650 out of 1000 customers do not convert. You are, therefore, losing a lot of opportunities.”

According to the website, there are several ways to prevent cart abandonment. This includes web page design and user-friendliness. In other words, be have clear product information and a well-designed page. In addition, “make editing the cart easy, offer support, avoid registration, add user reviews, offer free shipping when possible, and ensure price guarantees and refunds.”

The shopping page should have an automated email to customers who abandon their cart. It will be important to try to identify the reason why a purchase was started but not completed. The main reasons for this are high shipping cost, the customer was just exploring and not ready to make the
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