What Good Can Might Come From Suffering?

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What good can possibly come from suffering? Although a long, nameless burden on numerous lives, suffering walks right along side with us to redeem the long road of darkness it causes to shedding some light on the walkway. Sometimes the act of an individual’s sufferings can be another person’s redemption or salvation. Better said, in A Lesson Before Dying, Jefferson, a twenty-one year black male, is condemned to the electric chair after being innocently involved in an armed robbery. Although the imaginable suffering of Jefferson can already be seen, his lawyer calls him a hog in front of the Judge to show his incapability of committing the crime. In his Aunt’s perspective, Jefferson being executed as a hog and not a man will send him anywhere besides Heaven without any sort of self-worth or dignity. Dreaming and praying of this redemption, Grant Higgens, a local school teacher, has to unwillingly help Jefferson redeem his suffering of being a hog, and move him along to a better place. With most of his time spent being trapped within a jail cell, Jefferson has a long journey of suffering ahead, but the redemption is more than just death amongst in individual, but salvation for a whole. From the transition of a hog to a man, Jefferson suffers a long road of injustice and inequality before every enduring that particular outcome. Through the very criticized society they’re faced with, Grant views the racially diverse system as white people maintaining most of the power along
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