What Good Is Glory If It's Forgotten Essay

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Football is the leading cause of concussions in modern sports and is responsible for more than half of the 3.8 million kids who suffer from concussions in America alone. In a recent study, the gravitational force experienced by the brain of a football player can be up to 289 times that of gravity (Kluger). This number demonstrates just how violent the game of football is when in comparison to the average gravitational force experienced by fighter jet pilots, which is around nine times that of gravity. There is no doubt that hits like those delivered in all levels of football can cause concussions, and that concussions are quite common in the sport of American football. However, questions linger such as what kind of long term affects do…show more content…
Individuals who watch football games on television are left questioning why the game has turned into a no contact sport. The athletes become enraged with penalties being called every few plays for what seems like ridiculous violations. The reality of the matter is, these penalties are necessary, even though players and fans do not support them and the new direction the game is taking. A concussion occurs when a severe blow is taken to the head that results in the brain swelling. Due to the difficulty in diagnosing a concussion, numerous studies have been taken to take a closer look at the impact a football player experiences. One such study was examined through the use of a system named HITS, head impact telemetry system. HITS is a device that is placed inside the helmet of a player and utilizes an accelerometer to determine the magnitude and location of any impact that the player is exposed to. The device then both stores the data and sends the information to a sideline computer that can be decoded by an expert (Zimmerman 343). Data received was grouped in 3 major ways. It was grouped in accordance with session type, game or practice, location of the hit with respect to the helmet, and position of the players (Zimmerman 344). Over a period of 68 sessions, the HITS system recorded 19,224 total impacts for the players studied. The average player experienced 24 hits per game with
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