What Good Is Good?

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Concept of Good What really is the meaning of good? Good can have many meanings and can be used in many ways. The meaning good can be used to describe an action or even a characteristic. One definition of good is “that which is morally right; righteousness”(Dictionary). My concept of good would be someone that does no wrong and lives an honest life. So my question is what really is good? If there is good does there also have to be bad and evil? Are bad and evil the same thing or do they have different meanings as well? Each philosopher, Socrates, Plato and Augustine, had their own idea of what good meant to them and even though they had similar thoughts on what good was they had different ideas of where it came from. Socrates was known to be one of the greatest philosophers of the Western Civilization. He lived during what he thought was the Golden Age (Bramann). There was little that people knew about Socrates himself because he did not write anything down. Most of his speeches and teachings were told through other people’s interpretations. One person who had his own interpretations of Socrates’s work was another philosopher by the name of Plato. Plato was a great admirer of Socrates and was heavily influenced by him like others in Athens during his time. In the dialogue, The Apology, written by Plato he described Socrates to be a very simple man who was plain and easily understood. Socrates also did not have many materialistic possessions and preferred the simple life

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