What Happened At Fallen Timbers

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1. What happened at Fallen Timbers?
President George Washington had sent General Anthony Wayne into Ohio in 1794. Forces from the Delaware, Miami, Iroquis, Wabash, and others gathered at Fallen Timbers.
General Wayne’s troops won! The Native Americans and settlers were the ones fighting. The Native Americans thought Wayne would have trouble with all the fallen trees.

2. Who signed the Treaty of Greenville and what did it say?
In 1795 this Treaty was signed. Leaders of the Miamis and other Native Americans nations sighed this saying that they would give up land (Ohio). They traded this land for $20,000 and the promise of more money if they kept the peace.

3. What was Tecumseh’s confederation and what did it do?
Shawnee, Kickapoo, and Ottawa
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The army was small and ill equipped, and many of the officers knew little about warfare. There were few regular troops, so the government had to rely on volunteers. The volunteers were bribed to fight by congress saying they would give them money and land. Most of them gave up after a few months, especially because they were poorly trained and had little experience in battle.

11. Describe America’s victories at sea:
In August 1812, Isaac Hull captain of the USS Constitution battled British ship HMS Guerriere. US won this battle! While the US did win many battles at sea, this did little to help win the war.

12. How did the War of 1812 affect Native Americans?
It destroyed their homes and land. They weakened their relationship with America and they suffered greatly because of this. Tecumseh died in fighting, and without this strong leader the Indian Confederation fell apart.

13. What did Andrew Jackson do?
Lead America in the Creek War. He won a victory the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. He was a War Hero.

14. Describe the British attack on
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How were African Americans involved in the War of 1812?
They fought alongside Americans. They helped rebuild Philadelphia’s fortifications. They also served in the US Navy.

17. What happened in New England during the War of 1812?
New England protested because they feared losing power. British blocked their ports and destroyed some of their land. They had the Hartford Convention.

18. What happened at the Hartford Convention?
Federalist delegates from around New England met in Hartford, Connecticut to try and nullify the state of war in their states. They also threatened to leave the union. The convention ended quickly because protest became useless once news of the peace treaty reached them.

19. What was stated in the Treaty of Ghent?
Britain and the US signed it on December 24, 1814. This said they would restore prewar conditions. This said nothing about the issues of impressment or neutrality.

20. Who was John Quincy Adams?
He was the son of John Adams and a
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