What Happened? At The Height Of The Christmas Season

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What happened?
At the height of the Christmas season in 2013 Target was hacked. Up to 70 million customers were affected. How did this occur? According to Krebs on Security, sometime before November 27 attackers installed malicious software on point-of-sale (POS) devices in the checkout lines at Target stores. This software grabbed customer data that was stored briefly in the POS devices when the cards were swiped. It then cloned the cards and shopped for high-priced merchandise at other stores (Smith, 2014). None of Target’s commercial antivirus scanning software caught it because this malicious software was customized to avoid detection (Riley & Pagliery, 2015). Target lost thousands of dollars as well as many customers.
Why was Target mentioned? This breach shows that even a retail giant is vulnerable to invasion (Wallace, 2015). Due to the fact that the ABC Inc. company has already been compromised once, it is vital to fix the original vulnerabilities and ensure that this does not happen again. In order to do this, the attack methodologies must be studied and several solutions will be suggested. The solutions will be considered in terms of overall feasibility and cost to the company.
I will start with a summary of the main problems plaguing the company’s computer system:
• The OS (operating system) is outdated.
• The company has no true security measures.
• The system relies on automated antivirus programs.
• Someone is modifying the database outside…

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