What Happened At The Rec Center On Campus

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Hanni Egal Journal 3 1. What Happened This group work day occurred on April 12th. We met up at the Rec center on campus. It’s not an unfamiliar location, we met at this location several times to discuss our group projects over the semester. Everyone was in attendance aside from Isabel. Isabel was having car issues and couldn’t make it so she alerted the group via GroupMe. The rest of the group met up around 5:30 and the meeting continued until about 6:30. At the previous meeting we had already discussed the roles that we would take on in order to successfully complete the final project. So this meeting was more so a get together to make sure everyone understood their roles and if they had any questions, they were free to ask the group.…show more content…
2. Analysis First I’d like to say, this group project is a little more difficult than the other group projects because while those depended more on a certain topic (Coachella, Streaming services), this one is focusing on our own group history. It’s easier to focus on one topic with your group, it is more difficult to work on a group project about your group. In the meeting we spent a majority of the time working on the different questions we would have to ask and how we wanted to go forward with our project for presentation day. There was personal responsibility. Everyone had tasks assigned to them and what would be required to get the project done. It wasn’t forced, we decided on what topics we wanted to focus on collectively. Once we knew our roles and requirements, it was easier because then we had a partnership. There was a promised task and a commitment to the goal. Tasks would need to be completed in order to finish the project successful and be prepared for the presentation. We spent some time talking about our personal lives. We got a little carried away and started talking about drunken experiences and teenage rebellion. It established trust. We were able to let loose and get to know each other better. It helped because we got more comfortable with one another. And not to mention, some of the stories were actually quite hilarious. However, shenanigans put aside, I actually noticed that there were
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