What Happened At The War At Sea?

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1. What happened at the war at Sea? The naval war was a very important to the outcome of the war. Who ever controlled the water would win the civil war. The men in charge of the war at sea was, the Confederate States of America’s Secretary of Navy, Stephen Mallory, and the 24th U.S. Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles. Neither really had any ships. Gideon Welles had to turn peacetime flotilla of fifty decrepit ships into war ships. Stephen Mallory didn’t even have a navy, but he still had to fight of the U.S. navy and make sure the supplies get to the Confederate Army. Most of the industrial centers in America were in the north. Very little were in the South. With very little industrial centers the South needed European factories. President Lincoln was determined to prevent them from getting those European factories. So he decided that they needed to blockade the Southern ports. Every southern state urban area besides Atlanta were by a major river. Lincoln knew that in order to beat the South he had to take over the rivers.So many violent battles happened over the interior waterways. The U.S. Navy was not ready when the civil war began. The had 3 huge problems. First, the ships they had were very old. They weren’t ready to fight. They would get destroyed. Lucky for them both sides lacked in good ships. Second, lots of the officers in the Navy were also old. There wasn’t a retirement policy so
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