What Happened Before We Got Here?

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the situation (“What happened before we got here?”) or why Maranda might think Steven was cheating her, ex. “Do you two have separate vehicles” (which was preplanning) etc. I asked about the location and name of the person that Steven could stay with. As previously mentioned, I would keep a subtle and empathetic tone, as well as used empathetic statements such as “You care about what is happening”. The open palm hand gestures I used during my explanation of what Steven could do now and later, and the questions in general, showed I was listening and engaged. I asked, “Is there somewhere you can go to let things cool down” and “You guys can talk later and try to resolve it” demonstrated I was listening, communicating, and trying to problem solve. Safety was one of my priorities; soon as I met Steven, I asked if things were alright and if he could come out of the bedroom instead of going in. I removed some trip hazards off the floor when Steven was gathering his possessions, which was good. The communication between Tanner and I was clear and well timed, I told Tanner about Steven leaving, where he was going, that their vehicle was staying, who Steven was staying with, and that I was outside the house.
5. Things I would do differently in the scenario? As mentioned, Tanner and I should have closed the door sooner and announced ourselves loud and clearly at the door, after we entered. In doing so, we might have not startled Maranda. After Steven voluntarily went into the
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