What Happened - Description Of The Abuse

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What happened – description of the abuse For the purpose of this essay, I will reflect my younger cousin’s experience of child sexual abuse that took place when she was between the ages of 8-10 but only disclosed to the family much later, when she understood more completely what constituted ‘good’ and ‘bad’ touching during a sex education class. At the age of 7, my cousin’s family were introduced to a newly immigrated family who had moved into the neighbourhood and shared the same cultural background as my family since both sets of parents had grown up in the same city in India. Since both families had common acquaintances and children of a similar age, they quickly became close and were in and out of each other’s homes on a regular basis. Very often, my cousin and her brother would stay over at their house for movie nights or take vacations with the family who had a son a few years older than my cousins. Since she shared a room with her younger brother at home, my cousin was only too happy to spend time with the family who gave her, her own room whenever she stayed over. My cousin, when she finally disclosed about the incidents of abuse to the family stated that it began during a ‘movie night’, when the father, unzipped his pant, took her hand and used it to masturbate while they watched the movie. When she expressed unease at what was happening, he told her it was alright as she was just helping him relax. Since he had helped her get what she wanted by bringing back a
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