What Happened During The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution started in Brittan in the 18th century, it began when factories were introduced. The factories increased food production, which allowed Brittan to feed more people at a lower cost. Many of the factories owners would have children work in the factories because they were young and easily manipulated. Many people argue that the factories did not affect the health of the workers, and that any child could get sick or injured even if they were not working in a factory. However they fail to realize what pain and hardship the workers go threw and when inspectors or doctors come to visit the workers r cleaned and ordered to lie about the conditions about their working environment. Michael Ward, a doctor in Manchester, shared his experiences examining the workers of the factories. He claims that, “we could not remain ten minuets in the factory without grasping for breath.” This shows that if he can barely be able to breath in the factory imagine the workers who are in their all the time. He also acknowledges that, “They are really nurseries of disease and vice.” Injuries were common from the big machines and also because the workers were together for the majority of the day diseases would easily spread. Edward Holme, who was another doctor in Manchester, had a different opinion on the health of the factory workers. He was hired by a factory owner to come and exam the employs. From his examination 90% were in good health, but the owner of the factory most likely cleaned the children and made them seem better off that they…show more content…
Michael, a surgeon, had many cases of children injured by the machinery. Some of the most common injures were, “children’s hands and arms having been caught in the machinery; in many other instances the muscles, and the skin is stripped down to the bone.” This shows that the factories were indeed dangerous and not healthy for the
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