What Happened During The Renaissance Era

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The Renaissance

The renaissance era was the rebirth of a cultural movement; people began to gain interest in the learning and values of ancient Greece and Rome. The renaissance was a great time for England but it also had its bad times. It was a time of growth and resurrection for the people of England. Literature, the black plague and art were three of the most important things that occurred during the renaissance era. Art was seen as an inspiration to the people of England, and until this day it continues to inspire people. Even though art was one of the most popular things during the renaissance era but literature also played a major role. For most people in England literature was a form of art and inspiration to their daily
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Lady Macbeth like Macbeth, also had a restless desire, and will to power and worked to liberate the will to power in Macbeth. Lady Macbeth helped free Macbeth from his fear of damnation so he can commit murderous violence and cunning acts (Littell 435). Lady Macbeth states “We fail? But screw your courage to the sticking place and we’ll not fail,” (Littell 358) as she encourages Macbeth to kill King Duncan in his sleep and Macbeth is afraid the plan will fail. It is very obvious that Lady Macbeth was willing to do anything it took in order for her husband Macbeth to become the king and have all the power. Macbeth was also willing to do anything Lady Macbeth asked of him as long as she stayed with him and she was…show more content…
The characters in the play weren’t afraid to use their bare hands to get rid of somebody that was standing in their way. Some of the characters were willing to go to the extremes and cause pain to someone else in order to get what they wanted and gain power. Surprisingly even in today’s modern society individuals will manipulate others to feed their own ego and gain power, even if it leads to violence. Using violence as a method to get what you want, doesn’t lead to greatness or power, it just leads to more violence because there is always that one person looking for
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