What Happened? How Did Your Dialysis Go?

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As I was locking the apartment and leaving for school, my phone rang, "Can you come to the front door? I am not feeling okay", said my dad. I rushed to the front, helped him get out of the car, and carried his stuff. "What happened? How did your dialysis go? Why are you not feeling okay?" He was lacking so much energy that he couldn 't answer any of my questions and kept walking slowly while holding on to me. "Let me take a break," said my dad as he leaned towards the wall. As he closed his eyes he fainted and collapsed. I didn 't let him fall but slide down by the wall and reached for my phone and dialed 911. I sprinkled water on his face from his water bottle I was carrying as I stayed on the phone with the operator. Within few minutes they reached, got my dad up on the stretcher and took his vitals. I explained them as to what happened while getting on the ambulance with my dad. He was rushed to the nearest emergency. I stayed with him the entire time and informed my family as soon as possible. The medical team got him stabilized soon and explained that there was extra fluid taken out during dialysis than normal which caused him to lose all the energy and faint. Bringing my father to the hospital and calling for help on time shows my compassion towards my father 's sufferings and an ability to stay emotionally stable at such a stressful time. My father 's decline in health has motivated me to get into healthcare because I have always felt very limited in terms of helping

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