What Happened The Night Of The Murders?

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On February 25, 2015, four of the five Fink’s were brutally murdered in their Cold Spring home. The police have apprehended their only known survivor, witness, and suspect. 17 year old Mercer Fink is currently being held by authorities, for questioning, in the Cold Spring Detention Center. All though she maintains her innocence, the teen has the evidence stacked up against her. The autopsy showed blunt force trauma and a gunshot wound to the head were the causes of death for each of the victims while the ballistic report proved that the bullets came from the Fink family gun. Further tests are being done, but it looks like the troubled teen will rot in a cell for many years to come.
“I’m sorry to ask this again Ms.Fink, but could you please restate what happened the night of the murders?” I knew what they were doing. It didn’t take a mastermind to figure out that they are trying to pin the murders on me, anyone who had ever watched a crime show in their life would have caught on. “I got home from work, my mom was cooking in the kitchen, my dad was watching football in the living room, and my sister and brother were wrestling down the stairs. I hopped into the shower and began to sing, just as I always do. The yelling and screaming grew louder, but I just figured that mom and dad were fighting again. After I finished showering, to my disbelief my sister was lying dead, surrounded by her own blood, on the floor. A few steps and there was my brother, also dead. By then time had…

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