What Happened To Happen To Please And Thank You Essay

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Changing of behavior is a serious issue in today’s world. According to “Today, Courtesy Isn’t Common, But Hatred Is” by L.L.Nhu, he believes children’s behaviors are changing is because the parents do not teach their children good manners. So the ways of teaching children become important in children’s development. T.T.Nhu also thought that parents should tell the mistakes that their children made in front of people, when their children behave badly and make mistakes. Parents should not talk about it quietly because that would not make their children realize their faults. In addition, Parents are focus on their work and do not discipline their children very well in their daily life. So, children are allowed to do anything they want, like watching TV shows. Many TV shows…show more content…
There have several stories that show what people thought of the inequality in the article ”What Happen To Please And Thank You!” Some stories in this article show why people are impolite to others; when someone does not have civility or do nothing to others When Jane was nine months pregnant, she was having trouble getting out of her car. A coworker was stared at her, but he did not offer help to Jane because he thought that Jane was a strong and independent woman. Even though Jane is a strong and independent woman, but it does not mean that she does not need help from others. As a polite person, one should have offer help to others when one sees that someone needed his help. But Jane’s coworker did not do so, which shows that he is an impolite person, and it also shows that there is an inequality of mannerism between men and women. Therefore, the reason of the social fabric breaking down was the inequality, the reason why the inequality between female and male is that their parents have not ever taught their children, that they have to be kind and help someone who needs their
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