What Happened To Jimbo's Life?

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The rain hit Jimbo’s window. He looked out at the dark, rainy skies. A sharp fragrance of dirt-covered almonds filled the small room. His unwashed hands tapped impatiently at the dirty wall, as he watched the streets in boredom. He could see the silhouettes of the other people in the opposite apartment building and watched the unrecognizable individuals repeat their daily routine. Jimbo did not want his life to be like theirs. He always endeavoured to do something different, but he never did.
After pondering more, he stood up and lazily walked over to his living room. On the way, he opened his refrigerator. It was no bigger than an average kitchen chair, but he never needed that much space anyway. He looked inside and locked his eyes on
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He scrolled through the few contacts he had and found an old friend. They used to talk a lot during high school, but since then, their contact had been limited. He hesitated but greeted him with a simple “hi,” only to receive a simple “hey” in return. The two talked and caught up for two hours; they reignited their friendship from long ago.
More days passed, and the quality of Jimbo’s life began to increase. A good feeling he had not had for a long time ran through him. The two decided to meet up the next day for some fast food. Jimbo had to suggest the cheapest place around, because he had very little pocket change. They met up, and their friendship immediately blossomed.
After the day that Jimbo first approached him, they have become inseparable. Jimbo decided to get a job, and he even found a wonderful wife and now has two children. His friend became the CEO of his own company and will be able to retire early. The two still stay in contact every day, and even have their houses right beside each other. Jimbo no longer lives in an old run-down apartment, no longer owns a cheap, old phone. He now enjoys spending time with his
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