What Happened To John Sen A Hero's Journey?

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Once upon a time there was a man named John Sena. He was arrested for kidnapping a bank teller resulting in a prison sentence of 20 years. He had no hope of being released. A religious man is not something John had always been, but he turned to praying every night in the hope to have his sins forgiven. Two years into his sentence, an officer called Sam Shmam told John he had a visitor. When John went to the visitor’s area, he saw a man with a delightful brown beard, an elegant wooden cross, and shabby brown robes. The man began to talk to John and said, “I have heard your prayers my son and I sense the good in you. Stay devoted to your faith and you shall be rewarded.” This outlandish man perplexed John, so he hardly knew what to say. Next the man revealed that his name was Jésus. After this Jésus left John to return to his cell. The thought that this man was…show more content…
John had heard of numerous bank robberies while watching TV and thought that it was peculiar. That night once John went to sleep, he had a dream of Jésus coming to him as well as saying, “You will be freed from your sins tomorrow, stay patient my son.” The next night once all of the prisoners were fast asleep, the alarm began to blare. This almost immediately woke John up along with the panic it caused among officers. The officer Sam Shmam was standing in front of John’s cell panicking when suddenly Jésus lunged out of nowhere and knocked him out. After this Jésus unlocked John’s cell and let him out. In astonishment, John exclaimed, “I believed you were a prophet, not a criminal! No decent man would do such an atrocious act!” Jésus then said “I am no profit you buffoon, I did all this to reach you John, I want you to help me rob banks around the nation so we will be rich my friend!” John concluded that being an honorable man has done nothing for him and perhaps he should rebound to his life of crime. “Let us leave my friend.”, Jésus
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