What Happened To Rapha's Sacrifice?

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THE very sky could have completely fallen && Raphaël would have not noticed--not with all the chaos and the debris that fell like lightning and threatened to collapse beneath. Not with Marie wanting to traverse dangerous paths herself, dipping, && stumbling, && allowing herself constant near death trips, well, that would have been the case had he not continued to help her so faithfully && and of course Raphaël would! After what they had just gone through in saving France! Hell, he could still feel the warmth of everyone’s hopes, of everyone’s faith, upon his wrist! --It still felt warm, even now, even with the harsh winds blowing dust and bits of rocks into his eyes. AT least change was pleasant-- lava scorching at his legs--not that it touched him any, but it was so [N E A R] that his clothes singed, && he could have sworn that he lost some skin from that--and even…show more content…
Friends? Friends after all they went through--all four of them. At least, as far as Raphaël remained aware, they were knocked out, their bodies giving into the fear along with their various injuries as the ledge had come falling with them. SURPRISING really, Raphaël had to admit as he looked deep into Fondue’s eyes and muttered an apology--more so worded and bless Fondue, who was his longest friend in all this madness, understood, always a smart dog. AT least the ground that they fell to so quickly would break his fall, && hopefully, he would break theirs as much as he could--not that he was expecting survival, still, Paris’ partisans did not deserve to see the Moon Princess, the child of a rather Famous (Or was that [INFAMOUS?]) Inspector, a dog who did nothing wrong, but follow his master--err--companion to the end, and a Phantom’s body lay in a bloody spot upon Paris’
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