What Happened in Britain During the Great Depression?

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What Happened in Britain During the Great Depression? It is easy to hear “Great Depression” and immediately think only the United States. The reason for this is that the Great Depression began in United States, but the effects were far from being isolated to the United States. Though Britain was effected in many ways by the Great depression, I believe that the greatest overall effect of the Great Depression on Britain was a high and unrelenting unemployment rate. The recurring unemployment of at times, more than a million British citizens had several huge impacts on British life. But before I get to those, let us look at some background history of the Great Depression. In Britain, the first effects of the Great Depression were…show more content…
The demolition of the shipyard devastated Jarrow. Nearly all the workers of Jarrow were unemployed and most could not afford to pick up and move to a different job. This series of events set in motion one of the most visible protests against unemployment in Brittan during the Great Depression. The Jarrow March, Also called the Jarrow Crusade. The Jarrow March began in October 1936. Over 200 men set out for London carrying a petition. (The London Evening Chronicle) This Petition was a plea for Parliment to provide places for the townspeople of Jarrow to work. Some may look at this march and see 200 angry men yelling for money and employment, but in truth the Jarrow March was nothing of the kind. The march was a desperate cry for help from an entire town which had been stripped of its livelihood. On their way to London, the Jarrow marchers were hit hard when the Ministry of Labor cancelled all unemployment assistance for the wives and dependents of the marchers. The reason behind the cancellation was that the marchers were no longer in residence with their wives and dependents, therefore, the dependents were no longer qualified for unemployment assistance (Western Daily press). The reaction of the Jarrow marchers showed their determination. They did not turn back immediately to regain the unemployment assistance for their families, instead they cast aside their personal desires and pressed on for the greater good of Jarrow.
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