What Happened to Disco? Essay

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What happened to Disco?

     Bellbottoms, afros, music, sex and drugs can best describe the Disco Era. The Disco Era was a care-free time in which there were no rules. People danced the nights away. Most of the people of the Disco Era lived normal lives, working nine to five jobs during the week, but when the weekend rolled around they put on their bellbottoms and dancing shoes and hit up the Disco Clubs. This is an era that will never be forgotten but will probably never be relived.
     Disco is said to have begun in the gay nightclubs of New York City in the mid 1960's. At these clubs Deejays played records from little known black artists and quickly and accidentally began
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She was idealized by every young African American girl in the 70's. She produced number one hits one after the other and became a social icon.
     The era was full of alcohol, drugs, dancing, and of course sex. At this point in time people smoked pot and drank and that's about it. All of the sudden this white powdery substance burst upon the scene. It was cocaine, straight from Columbia. Cocaine exploded on the scene and there was no looking back for many people. Cocaine was accepted by actors and musicians and soon accepted by everyone else. Everyone was doing Cocaine without a second thought. Cocaine was a new drug and no one knew the bad side effects of it. It made people feel as though they were invincible and they could party all night long and it did. Cocaine of the 70's can sort of be compared to Ecstasy of the 90's in the fact that everyone was doing Cocaine because no one knew of the horrible side effects that will occur to the body of an addict. Sex also burst upon the scene with a fury. Sex wasn't seen in the same way anymore. People were having sex with anyone and everyone without a thought of remorse. It went from being very hidden and not talked about in society to being everywhere that one looked. Fashion had a lot to do with that. Women were wearing tight jeans and skimpy shirts along with go-go boots. I believe that fashion played a huge role in the way that sex began to be accepted. Unfortunately,

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