What Happened to Kathy Wade

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Tiffany Ong Mr. Frickleton ENG 3U1 May 22, 2007 Beneath the Waters There are many people in this world that can prove that our past experiences contribute to the shaping of our present day selves and lives. Whether our past contains hidden skeletons in our closets or not, we cannot keep it a secret nor can we run from it. But if we decide to do so the past will only come to haunt us. In the novel In The Lake of the Woods, we see that there is a fine line between love and insanity. And John Wade –the antihero of the story- is drifting on the border line. One day, John awakens to find Kathy Wade, the love of his life and wife, gone without a trace along with the boat. Although author Tim O'Brien presents us with many theories for her…show more content…
Lastly, John's imagination plays an important role because it contains some truth to it. In one of the chapters John describes Kathy peering at him from under the water with an alert expression in her eyes but is unable to speak. This is stated when the author says: "…here in a corner of John Wade's imagination, where things neither live nor die, Kathy stress up at him from beneath the surface of the silvered lake. Her eyes are brilliant green, her expression alert. She tries to speak but can't." (O'Brien 288) This may represent her helplessness as she tries to struggle to save herself from him as well as implying that she is yet again underwater. It also represents all the things she hated about their marriage and election that she kept secret from John. Thus, John's numerous references to beneath the water, imagination and Kathy peering up from below enforces the possibility the lake containing her body. Lastly, John gains a reputation of being a sorcerer by others through means of manipulation. As a child, John's father often teased him about his "fat" and he was hurt by it. His childhood was difficult because he was very antisocial and always stood in front of his mirror perfecting his magic tricks. Anthony Carbo states, "… show me a politician, I'll show you an unhappy childhood. Same for magicians" (O'Brien 29). John is both a magician and politician
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