What Happens Behind Prison Doors? Essay

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Have you ever wondered what happens behind prison doors? Prisons are defined as a correctional institution where persons are confined while on trial or for punishment. A prison is also referred to a place of detention. Embodiment of the United States is a concrete power under the Constitution of the United States, which means that prisons are under authority of both the federal and state governments. Different United State prisons contain different prisoners based on the crime or felony committed. Security levels range from minimum-security prisoners to Supermax facilities that house the more dangerous criminals. Dangerous criminals are usually sent to the state prison and less serious offences such as misdemeanors are sent to the …show more content…
In order to teach them morals, inmates worked at convict labor 10 hours per day, 6 days per week. Prisons continued to set up throughout the years leading to many prisons located throughout the United States. After the arrest, the next step confronting an accused defendant is the period of jail time awaiting trial. The trial could take any where from two to three years to process. An alternative form of trial is known as a speedy trial. This limits the length of time a person may be detained to jail. A speedy trial takes between sixty to ninety day and it adequate because the greater the chance that the truly guilty will escape without facing unnecessary jail time. One of the most vicious effects of a jail experience is that is exposes people to a course of higher education in crime. When people are placed in confinement, society runs the risk of improving their education and making them more efficient burglars, thieves, or counterfeiters, or even murderers, then when they first went in (Alpher). Since many inmates cannot be released on bail, prisons have begun to offer a variety of programs to educate and benefit the prisoners. These programs also cut harmful effects by providing service-oriented confinement. One requirement of any jail program is to offer response procedures that will help to determine the needs of detainees for possible services, and to tell them of the availability of such services. Once the
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