What Happens Inside Our Brain?

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Have you ever wondered what happens inside our brain? If so then Pixar’s Inside Out will provide you with an insight to Riley’s brain. There are five animated characters: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. While the initial reaction to the movie is cute and great; however, there is much more to it. Joy seems to be a lovely emotion but is Joy enough on her own? Inside Out teaches us that everyone has a purpose, talents just need an opportunity, and that emotions can lead us to growth.
People are similar to emotions because each person has something to contribute, just like emotions. What would it be like, if you didn’t feel angered at injustice? What if you didn’t feel disgusted while eating broccoli, what would it be like? What if you didn’t cry while watching The Titanic? What if you weren’t afraid of a python? Whatever the feeling maybe it has a purpose. One must go through the worst in life to not only appreciate the great parts but also to move on. At times it’s easier to ball your emotions up; however, is it the right choice? When feelings aren’t expressed they become like time bombs, with every second you’re getting closer to exploding. Sadness has a purpose in Riley’s life. One of the greatest actions of Sadness would be when she stopped Riley from running away. That night Riley could’ve ran away but she didn’t because Joy finally let Sadness drive the console. When Joy embraced Sadness a disaster was prevented. Sadness did something that the others couldn’t…
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