What Happens When A Child Is Physically Abused

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The research done in this assignment specifically addresses what happens when a child is physically abused. This paper will touch on what happens when the counselor becomes aware of this abuse, what type of abuse it is, and how to report it if you are a mandated reporter. There are many forms of abuse, the one being talked about today will be physical abuse. Abuse can mean different things other than physical, there is mental abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse. Child abuse is when a parent or caregiver, because of their actions or failing to act causes injury, death, emotional harm or serious harm to a child. The definition of a child being abused physically is, a non-accidental injury resulting from hitting, whipping, beating, biting,…show more content…
Signs of physical child abuse can be minuscule or can be extreme. Making sure mandated reporters know the signs of physical abuse is very important. This is important because it can be the deciding factor when it is time to report a possibility of child abuse. Any concerned person can report a form of child abuse. When someone reports their concern, it is not a direct accusation; it is a request for an investigation to either dismiss or confirm the report. When reporting a concern that a child is being physically abused some mandated reporters will try and speak to the child first. Depending on the response and the concern for the child’s safety it is then the duty of that reporter to either report it or not. It is strongly advised to always report any sign of physical abuse for the child’s safety. The child’s safety is always the main priority when it comes to physical abuse. When notifying, make sure to notify the proper authorities such as, law enforcement, a social worker, and or child protection agencies. As a mandated reporter in the work force it can be very difficult to report this type of abuse but it is extremely necessary to help prevent future harm to that child. Sometimes the people who are physically abusing these children, turn out to be the parents of the child. Signs of the perpetrator being the parent can be, the adult and child rarely looking at or touching one
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