What Happens When Events Don 't Go As Planned?

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What happens when events don’t go as planned? What do we do when our beliefs are challenged? Do we hold true to our values or can we be persuaded to transform our views? That is what we will discuss over the following few pages using the Social Judgement Theory (Griffin, Ledbetter, Sparks, 2015) and the Expectancy Violation Theory (Griffin, Ledbetter, Sparks, 2015). With the Social Judgement Theory; we take messages we hear and place them on an attitude scale in our mind. Our reading used the example of a man’s fear of flying and how someone might aim to alleviate that fear. I personally recognize where this man is coming from; as I prefer not to fly unless it is necessary. This fear comes from witnessing a plane crash personally and…show more content…
Considering how people of his religion could be different made an adjustment in my beliefs of Muslims as an entirety. He did this by slowly showing traditions and sides of his religion that showed common ground to ideas I held dear. We likely both knew nothing of this theory, however aspects of it were used to alter a feeling towards a particular subject. The Expectancy Violations Theory deals with our personal space and how we react when people violate it. Specifically it considers the proposed distances of intimate, personal, social and public distances that have been established. What do we do when a person violates them? Do we allow them to or do we react negatively? This theory tells us how we should react with regard to how we feel towards the person that is the subject in question. Our reading offers examples where occasionally the theory worked and others it didn’t. These failures were exampled by extenuating circumstances that led the receiver to view the person differently than what the theory might suggest should happen. Why is this theory correct in several ways and not in others? This can be shown exactly how the author suggested in our reading. Where personal experiences with the students led to different outcomes than the theory might predict. I too have seen these exact outcomes to this theory. One day I observed a co-worker of mine. He was the section leader of a factory production line. He
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