What Happens When Relationship Building Strategies Do Not Work

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Relationship Building
When in a leadership position, building relationships is an important aspect. These relationships create a network that can be used in times of need, creating change, and increase overall confidence between yourself and your peers, clients, leaders, and subordinates. Throughout this week’s reading we learned about the many relationship building strategies. This journal will outline my relationship building strategies, both within and outside work situations, and what happens when my strategies do not work.
Relationship Building
Relationship building is something that a political navigator has no trouble doing. They know which people to talk to, which to avoid, and which will do them favors and help them throughout
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As a new leader these strategies are ones that I will have to work on before I fully employ them. Two of these strategies that would work best with me are developing mutual interests with clients and becoming a collaborator (Gilley, 2006). Developing interests with clients allows me to ask open ended questions that help to search for common interests. These interests help build rapport, which can help me develop new ideas or improvements for the organization. Becoming a collaborator includes tailoring interactions to the audience (Gilley, 2006). I am constantly doing this because not everyone is going to react the same way, want the same information, or care about the subject. When common interests are found the relationship and interaction between myself and others will become more productive or meaningful.

Outside Situations
All of these strategies can be used outside of work as well. This, I believe, is because humans need interactions and relationships to be happy. One does not have to be cut and dry at all times. It is finding a balance between professionalism and normalcy. Understanding the common interest between yourself and those around you, will help to increase the quality of time being spent with others. While one does not need to be politically savvy around their non-work friends, it can improve their thoughts toward you and your family. Observing your

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