What Has Caused Our Failed Global System?

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The choices we make today affect more than just our lives tomorrow. They also effect the world, and slowly these choices end up becoming major problems. Life as we know it, will not continue to be the same if we do not work to fix the occurring global crises. However, we tend to focus more on our own existence, and survival that we forget there are people suffering from our choices around the world. This causes us to take things for granted, but not realize it because there is someone else somewhere monitoring our consumption. A global crisis is a concern for the entire world, both local populations, and diverse populations around the globe (Taking it Global, 2016). In order to solve the current crises, the whole world needs to cooperate,…show more content…
The four most important global crops are maize, wheat, rice, and soybeans a new analysis found, but the change in weather because of global warming has a large effect on food production globally (Limb, 2015). Global warming has also caused a rise in sea level, and droughts also pose a problem for trying to feed the whole population, and raises the prices of staple foods (Puckett, 2011). In Canada we have the high, middle, and low class, with lower class people struggling to make ends meet, and put meals on the table. The rise in food prices makes this harder, not only for those in other countries but for people in our own country, potentially right next door. Individual grain prices were shown to have doubled in no time at all during past production problems (Limb, 2015). Food shortage is a world wide problem, it does not just affect those in under developed countries, it effects those close to us. If we are not going to become more mindful about our decisions, then the decline in staple foods, and the incline in food prices will continue to get worse. This is the fault of global failure, and will continue to be unless the entire world does something about it. Ecological Disaster When it is a nice day out we tend to be happy with the weather, when we do not have snow storms we tend to be happy also. The weather changes from season to season, but it is also changing year by year, and not
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