What Has Changed World History

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What has changed world history the most? Agriculture, the ancient Greeks, social inequality? None of these come close to the thing that has changed human history the most. Humans drove Neanderthals to their extinction, which contributed to the rise of human hegemony. Anything that has happened in human history was allowed to happen because of Neanderthal extinction. Humans have been around since about 200,000 years ago, and so have Neanderthals. But, humans were made differently than Neanderthals. Each species had specific differences and similarities. But had it not been for Neanderthals’ extinction, the world would be nothing how it is today. Neanderthals were pushed to extinction which allowed humans to thrive and conquer the world through a combination of Neanderthal and human differences, climate changes, and the unlikely team up between humans and dogs. We first need to know what is a Neanderthal, to truly see why Neanderthals went extinct. Neanderthals come from the Homo branch of life, which includes humans, homo-sapiens. Neanderthals were similar and yet very different from humans. Paleoanthropologists prefer to think of Neanderthals as a completely different species than humans, they classify Neanderthals as homo-neanderthalis. According to Pat Shipman, the definition of species is, A species is generally defined as a biological population within which there is interbreeding but which is separate reproductively from other similar groups. This means that a…
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