What Has Happened? College That Reveals Your Intelligence, Service, Or Capabilities?

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5. What has happened in college that reveals your intelligence, service, or capabilities? If you changed your major, tell me when and why?

When I began at USU, I decided to pursue a career in dentistry. Those first years at USU were difficult. I moved to Logan with only a few hundred dollars in savings, no financial assistance from my family, and a stubborn resolve to make things work. Pell grants and financial aid made my education possible, and so I tried to give back where possible. For two years I volunteered in a leadership role with SNAC, the Student Nutrition Access Center (SNAC) at USU. SNAC offered nutrition services and food assistance to struggling students. Although our services were limited, we helped our fellow students be more successful as they worked to improve their own lives. Volunteering with SNAC as well as a number of other experiences influenced my decision to study public health. For example, I spent many hours shadowing dentists as part of my preparations for dental school. One dentist in particular, Dr. Webber, made a significant impression on me. Dr. Webber primarily worked with Cache Valley’s underserved population, including patients receiving assistance through Medicaid and Medicare. I noticed a difference in his patients compared to those in the other dental offices; I noticed that their needs were not limited to their oral health. I wanted to know more about these other health disparities and how they interacted to produce…
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