What Heart World Is Going Through A Strategic Planning

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Heart World is going through a strategic planning because of new management and owners. The process will set priorities, focus resources, make operations stronger, ensure that employees and other key players are working toward common goals, and establish agreement around envisioned outcomes/results. It is a disciplined effort that produces essential choices and actions that shape and guide what Heart World is, who Heart World serves, what Heart World does, and why Heart World does it, with a focus on the future. Nonetheless, as information was gathered to create an organization strategic plan, Laura Hansard, office liaison answered my questions in efforts to gather information on Heart World history, vision, mission, values, and other…show more content…
Values are enormously as per their vision, purpose, and mission important to the organization. Heart World understands that it’s vital they try to learn and appreciate differences in order to work effectively with patients, employees, and others.
Organization Purpose Advance the profession of medical group practice management and cooperate with other health organizations to improve health delivery to the public.
Heart World Overview Since Heart World began in 1975, it has grown to be the largest provider of cardiology care in Volusia County. The practice provides a full range of cardiovascular services and testing in multiple offices. The office is now located on North Clyde Morris Blvd, Daytona Beach in 1980. The office was greatly expanded in 90’s. In 1995, the practice added nuclear stress testing and transthoracic echocardiography. In 1998, the practice expanded to offices in DeLand and Orange City. The practice now includes an office in Port Orange and Edgewater. Dr. K joined Dr. L in 1981 and the practice was known as Cardiology World, PA.
Dr. W joined in 1992 bringing specialty training in coronary angioplasty. Dr. F joined in 1995 bringing specialty training in nuclear cardiology. Dr. G joined as an invasive cardiologist in 1996, as well as, Dr. A in 1998, and Dr. B in 2005. In 1998, Dr. O started cardiology practice in West Volusia and Dr. L retired. Dr. C started in West Volusia in 2002 and Dr. M in 2007. Dr. HS
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