What Home Mean To Me Research Paper

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What does home mean to you? Is it a place? Is it a feeling? To me, home is neither a place, nor a feeling, it is the people that surround you and care for you. These people can be your family or the people that you trust and have grown close to. Since the day I was born, my family and I were always moving from state to state. This is because both of my parents served in the United States Navy. To give you an idea on how often I moved, before I had turned 12 years old, my family had moved seven times throughout the Eastern half of the United States, close to the average amount of times that a person moves in his lifetime which is recorded at 11.7 times (Chalabi). This being said, moving made me become a social person by learning skills for adapting…show more content…
I remember the memories and the people that made my transition into a new school smoother, most of whom I still keep in touch with. One memory that I will never forget is when I returned back to Derby, Kansas after moving to Norfolk, Virginia. I was staying at a friend's house and his parents threw a surprise welcome back party for me. I was elated that after moving, people still wanted to see me and that I was still a big part of their life, even though I only lived in Kansas for two years.
At James Madison University, I conducted a survey of students that moved multiple times while growing up. The first question was “Do you think moving as a child prepared you to be more comfortable transitioning to JMU?” After looking over the results, 87% of responders agreed that moving at a young age had a positive effect when they made their transition to college. I also asked the responders to give an explanation on how moving prepared you to have an easy transition to college. One response was that, "Moving at a young age prepared me for college, because it forced me to get out of my shell and meet new
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Make Your Dorm Room More “Comfortable”- Your dorm room is the place you will most likely be spending the majority of time during college. So, make it feel like home. In most colleges, the dorms are bland and boring white walls. Because of this, you will like your new found home better if you decorate it or add features to make it more appealing and more comfortable. In my dorm, my roommate and I have put up pictures and a flag of the United States and a “Don’t Tread On Me Flag.” Also in my common room (A “living room” between my dorm room and two other dorm rooms) my suite mates have gotten a fish tank and Christmas lights to add life to the room. However, the most essential way to make your dorm room more comfortable and feel like home is to get along with your roommate. In my case, my roommate and I went to the same high school and have known each other for years and what the other does and does not care for. Here is a video showing ways to avoid problems with your roommate. At summer orientation, administration gave the incoming students a tip for when we were moving into our dorms. This tip was to make your bed first before you unpack. Their reason for saying behind making your bed first is so that your dorm room will immediately feel like home. (Click Here For More Possible Dorm Room Ideas) Below is a picture of my dorm
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