What Hr Practices Gain From Sct

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What HR Practices Gain From SCT:
Human Recourse Management is the art of comprehending and evaluating different sets of factors that may have an impact on the business be it internally or externally. Looking at the internal factors these are based on the culture and work force environments that may be provided to the individuals or groups alike where as that of external are factors such as those within the market and industry that create an impact of the business and revenue at hand. When one speaks of the social and cultural influences that are present within organizations it would automatically denote the environment, trainings, corporate sessions provided for the growth and development of employees at hand.
For more than centuries it has been noted that studies and different applicative surveys are usually managed through the understanding and application of different theories and practices. Hence when trying to develop different applications for the same, it serves as a constraint for most organizations creating conflict between the theory and the actual solution (Barrett and Bass, 1976). Companies have a lot to gain from the application of different socio cultural theories for it aids them in understanding and in turn developing their employees. These theories that affect the HR practices usually can be placed on three levels. The first highlights the values and beliefs that have been developed and are centric to HR practices so that they may in turn be shared and
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