What Humans Are Doing ( Causes )

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Outline Introduction What Humans are Doing (causes) Oil (spills) Plastic 1.All spread out 2. Millions of tons each year 3. Doesn’t biodegrade C. Sewage 1. Cheaper to dump 2. Usually untreated D. Toxins/Chemicals 1. Dumping 2. Can escape during manufacture III. Impact on Humans A. Dangerous to ingest B. Oceans help with oxygen C. Causes a variety of medical issues D. Contaminated water IV. Impact on Marine Life A. Few benefit B. Passes through food chain C. Deadly chemicals D. Garbage gets stuck V. Garbage Patches/Dead Zones A. No oxygen in some areas B. Pacific Garbage Patch - an island of trash VI. How we can help/If we don’t stop A. Governments have not helped B. Everyone needs to take action C. Throw out trash D. Reduce seafood intake E. Marine life would die off completely VII. Conclusion Ocean Pollution Not just the United States, but the entire world relies on oceans, whether it is for food, business, or even tourism. However, as humans continue to pollute the ocean environment, killing sea creatures and posing health threats to humans as well, scientists are beginning to wonder if people can still depend on their beloved seas. Therefore, the many

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