What I Am My Life

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When I think of mindfulness I contemplate of ones empathetic to interpret a situation. For two weeks every night before I went to bed, I wrote down three items I was grateful for. Some of the words were “Health”,” Family”,” Friends”,” Food”, and” Childhood”. This list goes on, what I grasped is whatever I did that day predisposed what I wrote down. On days I lifted I would appreciate my health, when I went away with my family I recognized how much I appreciated my family, when I was home for a day I realized how much I adored my bed. The new custom I obtained made me appreciate how indebted I am in my life to points I didn’t fathom before. This taught me to feel empathy for people who can’t say the same good things as me which gave me very good insight on to be grateful for the life I have. Nature is an entity that persistently progresses to be overlooked. When I was home one day for the long weekend I went down to the beach, then observed the sunrise overlooking the view of the Boston skyline. As the sun rose little by little It came to me that I saw a parallel with my life. As the sun rose I associated it with my life and with each experience I endured in my life I grew as an individual analogous to the sun rising higher up in the sky. As soon as the sun rehabilitated colors from a pinkish rosy color to an archetypal yellow sun it symbolized the transformation a person encounters growing up from being a kid to a man. Consequently, as the sun crept over the skyline it was

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